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Hi! We wanted to take this opportunity to explain our passion behind our agency and if this resonates with you, then THIS is the sign you have been looking for.

Let's start by saying that we are serial entrepreneurs whom have worked on multiple businesses both in and out of the wine industry, so we understand the nitty gritty of business operations. Because quite frankly, attempting to brand a company or product without knowing how to run a business is like trying to bake a cake without flour. It WILL flop.

So why branding for the wine & champagne industry and not just any & every business out there? Well, they say honesty is the best policy so let's just start by saying we're obsessed with the whole "Rosé All Day" movement. Honest to god truth. We wanted to help breathe life into a culture that is curated for celebrations; because guess what? That's just too damn exciting to miss out on! 

But it's not all just about having  a good time. "Going green" is something that is very dear to our heart and the importance of sustainable practices being implemented to the wine industry is a hot topic. Whilst some regions are full steam ahead with this implementation, others are not as adaptive. Therefore, we wanted to get involved in making an impact and see how we can help to  remove any obstacles that people are having, when it comes to making their products or practices more sustainable.

We also LOVE sharing new things that are making a positive impact. We figured the best way to do so, is by working with individuals/companies that have made these types of products; creating powerful marketing & awareness campaigns to shine the spotlight on these innovative brands who care about social responsibility, just as much as we do.

All in all, we took our love for wine & champagne, mixed it with our history of hustle and preference for pretty (aka creative branding) and voila!, we gave birth to Champagne Dreams. A millennial-owned creative agency that will take your champagne (or wine) concept, turn it into cash-flow and bring that bubbly brand that you die for in your dreams, to life.

Miami, FL, USA
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